The App Encouraging Kids To Try Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths

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Cool STEAM Kids, the app & Website is useful to inform and entertain about science, technology , engineering, art and maths through games, kits, books, links, videos, 3D timelines, experiments and lots, lots more!

If you wonder why? how? what? Where? or what happens if? and you want to invent something cool, then Cool STEAM Kids is for you.

Hope you have fun using our cool features including:

"Ask an Expert", where you can ask a question and Cool STEAM Kids will try and find the answer for you.

Twitter live feed

STEAM Selfies

Experiments and Videos

3D/2D STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Maths) Timeline

............ And lots of other cool features:)

The website link is Cool STEAM Kids.

Enjoy the app and site!

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